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  • photographers capture pod 2005

    Our story began at a high-fashion photography studio in the heart of South Beach. After realizing corporate America wasn't his gig, Carlos joined Henry Geddes' team at Splashlight Studios and soon emerged as Studio Manager. Immersed in the exclusive world of photographers, close ups, and glamour, they begin to brainstorm plans for making professional photography more accessible to "everyday" people.

  • photographers capture pod 2009

    We've always believed that fashion photography isn't just for models in LA and NY. In fact, we believe that people deserve good, professional photography. This passion led us to create the Capture SET — a real live photography studio experience for special events. Pro cameras? Check. Lighting, reflectors, and backgrounds? Check! Then we took it further. Why not print the photos on-site for you to take home?

  • photographers capture pod 2010

    The success of the Capture SET pushes Carlos and Henry to take on a new challenge — could they design a photo booth that could capture professional quality images? Together they create the Capture POD and usher the photo booth into a new era. From its high-end camera to its signature white curves designed to mimic the walls of photography studios, they debut the POD at a Yelp event and Yelpers are seriously impressed. We're in business!

  • photographers capture pod 2012

    Never one to sit still, the Capture POD team experiments with thinking outside of the box—literally. Is it a photo booth if it doesn't have walls? We think so. More freedom, more flexibility, more backdrops, and more friends to fit it in group photos! The RAZZI was born on September 4th, 2012, and it was a hit!

  • photographers capture pod 2015

    We hit it big with out 1,000th event! From weddings to corporate events, our passion for professional photography grows into a love for seeing people smile (while looking good!). The more events we do, the more we believe that we're bringing something positive to this world.

  • photographers capture pod 2015

    We're expanding! With offices in both Miami and Los Angeles, we believe that America can use a few more PODs and RAZZIs in between. Next stop: Orlando, FL. Where to next?!

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